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Employment Law

Employment Law

California law follows the at-will approach – meaning that an employer can terminate you at any time without cause.

Federal and state law prohibits the discrimination of any person in the work force based on their age, sex, gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, disability/medical condition, etc.

Our firm represents plaintiffs who have been terminated from their employments because their employers have discriminated against them because of their age,  sex,  gender, race, nationality, medical condition/disability, etc. (Government Code §12940).    We also prosecute claims for employer’s failure to provide reasonable accommodations, wrongful termination, retaliation, hostile work environment, among other issues.

Additionally, our firm also represents employees whose wage and hour laws have been violated by the employers.    Wage and hour laws include those dealing with overtime, meal periods, rest periods, inaccurate wage statements, failing to pay minimum wage.